Caterpillar Lexion Combine Harvester - Detachable mowing device. Mowing device simulates the cutting
movement of the blades (but nothing cuts). Comes with a trailer to transport the mower. Grain tank opens
and hatch opens to empty wheat bin. Arm swings out. Detailed engine. Movable rotation air filter. Side
blades swing out (but nothing cuts). Soft rubber tires.

This large piece offers children realistic, active playing fun. Its model-like design and fine details allow for a
wide range of playing functions. The slogan 'just like the real thing' hold especially true for this item. Used
indoors or out, BRUDER toys will withstand hours of play because only high quality raw material (plastic) is
being used. It is the same plastic material which is used in automobile production.

Bruder toys are designed with realistic detail and function to make the play experience more believable.
The functionality of the toys helps the child understand the technical background of how things work.
Stable, simple and fun model-like toys is what Bruder is known for. "High Impact ABS Plastic".
Item: 02124
Scale: 1/20
Recommended Age: 3 and
Size in inches: 17.75L x
14.5W x 8 .5H

Price $40