Cattle Transportation MAN Truck with One Cow - The true-to-original details contribute to a high level of play
value. In order to safely take the animals in-or outside of the transportation truck there is a tailgate that can
be used as ramp when lowered.
Features include: Tiltable MAN driver’s cab enables view on the motor unit, swing-out mirrors, container-
box can be disassembled in piece parts, container-boxes can be interchanged and combined, the
interchangeable containers are garaged on the outriggers in order to be loaded or unloaded, folding
tailgate ramp including a ramp extension, railings attachable to the left and right side of the ramp
guarantee the safe transport into the 2 side doors that can be opened, Interchangeable cattle container
High Impact ABS Plastic
1/16 Scale
Price $42.00