Finally a REAL Replica!

Tonkin Replicas started manufacturing replica model trucks with the incredibly successful 1:53 scale, Signature
Series. It was determined that the 1:53 scale size was the perfect scale to produce a very collectible model with the
level of detail that Tonkin Replicas required. The 1:53 scale has since become know as the ‘Tonkin Scale’ and is still
our preferred scale to model.

Tonkin Replicas has created a museum quality model with their Precision Line. The cab alone is crafted from 141
individual parts! (The industry average is less than 40). Each truck is certified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer
(OEM) engineers to ensure accurate detail and premium quality. The hood opens to show detailed engine complete
with radiator, hoses, and air filter. The doors open and the wheels turn. The steering wheel moves, the side panel
opens for access to battery box, and the 5th wheel moves. The model features miniature suspension system,
authentic tire treads with traction grooves and stripes and the fairing removes to show off the highly detailed interior.
Made By: DCP
Item: 31372
Scale: 1/64
System Transport - Peterbilt 379 in blue
with spread-axle flatbed
September Arrival
Price $64.95
Made By: DCP
Item: 31520
Scale: 1/64
Jefferson Transport Service - Peterbilt 379
with Refrigerated Trailer
Made By: DCP
Item: 31389
Scale: 1/64
Owner Operator Peterbilt 379 with 63" flattop
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