Die-cast Toys are sold in a variety of scale sizes. When purchasing a diecast
collectible toy it is important to have an understanding of the size of car or truck you
are purchasing.  Scale size is just a simple reduction in size.

A truck that is a 1:24 scale means that it is 1/24th the size of the actual truck in "real
life". Therefore, a smaller numbered fraction like 1:2 scale or "1/2" would be half the
trucks actual size. This means that the larger the number is in the fraction, the smaller
the truck will be. A 1:4 scale truck would be "1/4" or 1 quarter the size of an actual
truck and so on.

Below is a chart with an estimate of scale sizes we offer.

1:1                         60'  semi trailer or actual size
1:24                       30" semi trailer or 8.5" diecast car
1:32                       22.5"  semi trailer
1:43                      16.75" semi trailer or 5" diecast car
1:53                      13.5" semi trailer
1:64                      11.25" semi trailer or 3" diecast car like hot wheels
Gauge for Railroad Modelers-  Scale Size Chart for trucks that work with what
gauge for Railroad Modelers

"G" Gauge 1/24 & 1/25 Scales
"Standard" Gauge 1/30, 1/32 & 1/34 Scales
"O" Gauge 1/43, 1/48, 1/50 & 1/55 Scales
"S" Gauge 1/60, 1/64, 1/70 & 1/72 Scales
"HO" Gauge 1/87 through 1/100 Scales
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